Four Months of Hard Work and Dedication

Heacham Newsletter, June 2017

Heacham Pocahontas Players

Photo with Janice Curtis (writer) and Peter Everingham (Director) with Thumbs Up and Cast.(Photo Ray Sparvell)

Well, four months of hard work and dedication really paid off for The Pocahontas Players production of ‘Who Were You With Last Night?’ From the very start of auditions the cast were ‘on it’. Once they had been given their roles, it wasn’t long before they were on to ‘scripts down’ rehearsals with the director Peter Everingham, who worked to get every part of script and stage direction out of them. The cast soon realized that one hundred years ago, people acted differently to one another – they shook hands, instead of today’s ‘hugs’ – they stood upright and slightly aloof with their nearest and dearest. Both men and ladies, sat perched, with backs straight, on the edge of a chair. The staff bowed or curtsied to the gentry and to answer back was certainly a no-no, whatever class you came from.

As each rehearsal unfolded, I felt in awe of this fine Drama Group, for bringing every script word written, to life. Jeannie Tooley and Dave Curtis spent many an hour, trying to match the lyrics of the old songs to the music. You think you know the words of these old songs until you see them written down(!) but the younger cast members soon knuckled down, under Jeannie’s guidance. The Stage crew worked at a speed to get each quick scene change down to perfection. The lighting and sound team created a fabulous bonus to these scenes, whether it be a very busy ‘downstairs’ kitchen, a relaxed ‘upstairs’ drawing room or a Dingy Night Club.

The Bride Laura Thomas. Groom Joshy Chilvers. Bridesmaid Louise Pearce. (Photo David Thomas)

Parlour Maids L to R Lucy Hughes. Laura Thomas. Naomi Rix. Ria Tipple and Cook, Jeannie Tooley. (Photo Jemma Greef)

The costumes took many weeks to create. As a vintage collector of fashion, I felt excited at dressing the cast but with a cast of 26 and lots of costume changes, I called in for help. Judy Parsons of Harvey Costumes supplied the male cast, while I dressed the female cast. It worked out very well and a huge relief to me, having Judy on the end of the phone when I shouted “Help!” (Thank you Judy). Those who watched ‘Who Were You With Last Night?’ would have seen the authentic 1920s Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaids Posy, to complement the bride’s 100 year old dress and veil. Thank you Nicholas Godfrey-Cole (Scent with Love, Hunstanton). Absolutely stunning!

For this Production, we saw 6 new members. Young Jake Dorman played Alfie The Chauffeur. Stephen Boston had a small walk-on part, adding to the night club and wedding scenes. Then there were the lovely Lisa Belverstone, Bridget Neeham and Wendy Nudds, shaking their tassles at every rehearsal as part of the Charleston Belles, for which we must thank Jaime Parry for being a great choreographer. Superb Jaime! Also, Adrian Walford who was a dab hand at scenery change and curtains. Do hope you will all stay with us and be back for the Panto season.

Thank you to The Front of House – Janet Race, Janet Kendal, June Critcher, Jeanette Rix, Dave Curtis and Ryan Chilvers who all looked very much the part dressed in their Victorian finery!

Photographer Barry Shaw. Charleston Belles R to L Bridget Neeham. Kelsie Hall. Wendy Nudds. Lisa Belverstone and Jemma Greef. (Photo Janice Curtis)

The Pocahontas Payers have been going since 1994/5. We have a great following of supporters but also are very pleased to see many new faces in the audiences. We would like to thank Mr Mick Jennings and the Jutsum family for their donations and a very big thank you to Heacham Youth and Community Trust for their support for our group.

Thank you to Alan and Barry Rudd for climbing and hanging our advertising banner up high, above the Public Hall. Moira, for the loan of her antique chaise and Mr Ray Sparvell who gave up his Sunday to photograph our somewhat moving dress rehearsal.

We are now on our summer break but will be back on September 5th for the read through of our January Pantomime, followed by auditions and then rehearsals every Tuesday evening in the Public Hall from 7pm until about 9.30pm. £1.50 per week. We are always looking for new members – age 13 upwards. You don’t have to ‘tread the boards’ – we are always looking for Stage crew? Lighting and Sound crew? Wardrobe helpers? Tea makers? Even stage sweepers!

Thank you to the Hunstanton Le Strange Lodge no 3730 for their kind donation, which will hopefully go towards renewing The Stage fittings in the Public Hall, and there was me thinking that we were on our summer break? ‘Pass me the hammer . . . ‘ Thank you.

Back Stage – Back L to R Esther Boehm. Joseph Rumens. Ryan Chilvers. Adrian Walford. Sandra Lester. Front L to R Janice and Dave Curtis. June Critcher. Janet Race & Janet Kendal (Photo Jemma Greef)

Once again, thank you ALL for your support because without you, there wouldn’t be a Pocahontas Players Drama Group x

See you soon
Janice Curtis on behalf of The Pocahontas Players

If you didn’t get along to the Public Hall to see ‘Who Were You With Last Night?’ there will be a DVD (Ring Dave 01485 570402) if you would like a copy. Please follow us on