Heacham’s Wild West

Review: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Heacham Public Hall
Saturday, June 25

cover_fotoThanks to a very humid and hot evening, Heacham was perfectly transformed into the Wild West for this show.

The Public Hall was all set up with a very southern feel for the Pocahontas Players to five their rendition of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

The hall was fitted-out, for the first time, with raised seating – a sure sign of the popularity of this village drama group.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is as simple as the title describes it to be; the story of seven brothers getting themselves women to marry.

The portrayal of women within the original story certainly isn’t very modern and car jar a little with modern audiences.

However with the show running to the same tune as the 1954 musical film, the cast were very good.

The singing of Elaine Verweymeren, playing protagonist Milly, was the highlight of the musical side of the evening.

Her acting was also impressive and she was certainly the right choice to be the lead female.

The stand-out male was the young Jack Parr.

Playing Gideon, he had many lines, but delivered them with conviction and confidence.

His brother Ben shone during the choreographed dance sets. Working alongside Joshy Chilvers, the pair pulled off an impressive flip during the first half
of the show.

The choreography by Jaime Parry impressed me, and the barn dance was suitably worked for the less than barn-sized available space and performed well.

From start to finish, the Pocahontas Players showed exactly why they sell out the village hall.

Jamie Read