The Pocahontas Players is an amateur drama group  in  Heacham,  which  started  in  1995 with their first production, ‘Parallel Lines’ Janice  Curtis  and  Jeannie  Tooley  are  the founder  members  of  the  group,  who  previously  belonged  to ‘Sedgeford  Amateur  Dramatics’.  Jane  Knight  was  also  one  of the three founder members, […]

Pocahontas Players Heacham and ‘Alice in Jumbleland’ Pantomime

Lynn News, Friday 13 January 2017 New twist for classic tale for Player’s panto Panto time is here again for the Pocahontas Players at Heacham – with a new twist to the familiar tale of Alice in Wonderland. This version, written by group stalwart Jim Race, is Alice in Jumble […]

Alice Goes Global in Her Jumble Adventure

the Pantomime written by Jim Race (Jan 19th/20th/21st 2017). Yes, here we are again, Panto time here again for The Pocahontas Players. It’s all very exciting because if you came to the ‘7 Brides for  7  Brothers’  production  in  June,  you  would  have  seen  the Public Hall dressed as a […]


The auditions are done and we now have a cast for ‘Alice in Jumble Land’ our January 2017 Pantomime. A very difficult task for the casting committee! The first rehearsal went well (see photo) You have heard of the song ‘3 wheels on my wagon’? Well here we are running […]

Our January 2017 Pantomime

After a very successful ‘7 Brides for 7 Brothers’ production in June and two whole months of R&R, we are now ready to do it all over again. Yes, read through and auditions start on Tuesday evening 6th September at 7.30pm in Heacham Public Hall. If you fancy treading the […]

Fancy helping the famous ALICE in her JUMBLE LAND?

It wasn’t only the theatre that came to Heacham public hall on June 24th/25th but also the state of Oregon USA. The Pocahontas Players staged a fun filled production of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers using tiered seating for the first time, much to the two full house packed audiences […]


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – Pocahontas Players Saturday 25th June 2016 – 7.30pm performance Entering the familiar venue was a new experience for this performance, as a raked seating system had been installed and to be honest it really did make the village hall feel like a ‘real’ theatre. […]

A Thoroughly Entertaining Night at the Theatre