It is amazing to think, that ‘Dame Dolly Dumpling Tangled in Heacham’ was the players 40th production and that 21 year old member Joshy Chilvers, who wrote this script Dame Dolly Dumpling, was actually born Aug. l994 just a few months before The Pocahontas Players were formed. (Now, who is feeling old!!!?)

We had a fabulous rehearsal run-up to the 4 performances – A few little hiccups but overall, lots of giggles:

We had old members rejoin us and new members start for this production. It was nice to see Elaine Pygall walk back through the door after a few years break- She soon settled into the role of one of The Villagers and helped ‘quick costume changes’ back stage. New members were welcomed – Stephen Smith-Innes who played The King. This was Stephen’s frst ever acting role in any stage production and he played the role very Royal indeed. We also had 2 young friends come giggling tbrough the door , Alex Daniels and Amelia King. We saw them role acting as the villagers, eagerly selling their Bread and Flowers. Also Winnie Yates who used to sometimes sit and watch rehearsal and soon found herself involved into helping cover the King and Queen’s Throne and then to find herself lighting up the actors with The Follow Spot. Esther Boehm came in, with about 2 weeks to go to show time, clutching a mini Dame Dolly Panto flier that she had picked up from Heacham Post Office , asking if she could help in anyway? This was slightly worrying because Esther, who had been living in Canada, had no idea what a Pantomime was? ! But after helping cover the throne, being back stage to help dress the cast and move scenery props with the back stage crew, she began to realize what fun it all was. Last, but certainly not least, Anne Platton who announced as she nervously arrived, “I will do anything!” So Anne found herself swaying to the beat as a Villager and most importantly as our Prompt. It’s great to see new faces, so if you think you could do anlthing, Back stage? Act? Sing? Dance? . . . . . . . It’s very rewarding and fun.

I mention The Back Stage crew because, without them, we couldn’t put on a show at all – Barry and Patrick for the hard work behind the scenes, lifting awkward props, changing scenery, pulling curtains at the conect time and conect speed.  Joseph for checking microphones packs throughout the entire perfomances. Changing batteries constantly, enabling the audience to hear every cast member on stage. Dave, who designs lighting for the many differently lit scenes, whether they be light and bright for the happy scenes or dark and mysterious for the ghostly scenes and Ria for manning the slides and controlling the volume of the casts voices. Thank you all. We also thank Ray Sparvell for giving up his Sunday to be our Dress Rehearsal photographer. Thanks Ray. Dame Dolly Dumpling was a huge success thanks to the continued support of our Sponsors and Audiences. Its been a great run up to lhe Panto with Happy results. It was nice to see so many folk leaving the Public Hall with smiling faces! THANK YOU!!

Now we start rehearsals for our May? June? production, so here we go again . . . . . . .

Janice Curtis