Rehearsals going well . .

Rehearsals are going well for our next production “Who were you with last night?” As this is our first serious drama since 2004 the cast are doing extremely well. Pantomimes are somewhat easier because you can ad-lib if lines are forgotten, but with a Drama it has to be word perfect. Sandra Lester is proving to be a superb prompt as she learns of the slowness or speed of each cast member’s deliverance of their lines.

We have our Stage Manager Barry Shaw who is moving stage furniture on, off, on, off, throughout the rehearsals. Please, if anyone would, he could do with some help behind the scenes.

We did have to search around for 3 dancers. Can we just thank Lisa Belverstone, Wendy Nudds and Bridget for stepping in at the deep end to make up this brilliant dance troupe (two of which had never been on the stage before).

The Musical/Drama is on Friday May 12th at 7.30pm. With two performances on Saturday 13th May at 2pm and 7.30pm. For ticket details see poster within this newsletter.

Photo – Shows Leading lady (Laura Thomas) as Filly the Parlour Maid and Leading Man (Joshy Chilvers) as Reuben the son of Lord and Lady Ribchester, having what looks like fun, during rehearsals.

Remember, every cast member is individually fitted with a radio microphone to enhance the sound and the raised seating has been added to enhance the stage view.
As they say, “Life is a Drama” but for the Pocahontas Players life is ‘Good’.

Janice Curtis
on behalf of The Pocahontas Players