What a difference the BACKSTAGE CREW makes . . .

Hello from The Pocahontas Players.

We had a very successful run of our latest Pantomime ‘Alice in Jumble Land’. We watched a young 14 year old new member, Kelsie  Hall,  step  into  Alice’s  shoes  with  ease,  with  Joshy Chilvers  being  Alice’s  best  friend  as  the  roller  skating  White Rabbit.   We   also   had   young   Louise   Pearce   making   her Pocahontas debut (for all our regular followers, Louise is Gary, our  Panto  Dame’s  daughter).  With  her  came  her  friend  Lucy Hughes,  who  both  were  Indians,  New  York  sight-seeing  folk and Arabian market sellers. Nice little roles for them to be eased into  the  drama  group.  Mick  and  Sharon  Yates  were  also  first timers to the Pocahontas Players. Mick played the nasty PC Fez (Boooo!!)  with  Sharon  being  a  New  York  fire  fighter  and Arabian  by-stander.  Who  could  forget  new  member  Simon Boston with his portrayal of Mustapha Fortune with his side-kick Mustapha Look (Jimma Race); Simon was so good at keeping up with stalwart Jimma as he veered off the script, many times!

It was also nice to see Laura Thomas back in the group after 3 years at university, playing The Mad Hatter. These new members made  up  a  cast  of  30  plus,  who  in  turn  bought  Jimma  Race’s script into life with the concentration of another new member, who sat tucked behind the curtains, with script and little torch, following every word? Yes, the Prompt – Sandra Lester.

It was good to see so many new members arrive on the day of auditions for the Panto but what The Pocahontas Players struggle with,  is  Backstage  Crew.  Without  Sandra  as  Prompt;  without Dave Curtis and Ria Tipple as Sound and Light’ without Barry Shaw as Stage Manager/curtain puller; without Joseph Reumens as   Stage/Sound   crew’   without   Dave,   Jimma   and   Dan Jackson  designing  backdrops;  without  Janice  Curtis  doing costumes; without Esther Boehm and the cast with their artistic skills with props; without Peter Everingham, Joshy Chilvers and Ryan Chilvers as Director/Musical director, this production of Alice  in  Jumble  land  could  not  have  been  staged.  See  what  a difference  Backstage  Crew  makes  to  this  scene  shown  here.

Dress rehearsal photo by Ray Sparvel

If  you  have  Tuesday  evenings  free  and  would  like  to  join Backstage Crew, please pop along to The Public Hall on Tuesday evenings  from  7.30pm  –  10pm.  (More  rehearsals  nearer  show date) or phone Dave (Chairman) 01485 570402.

For  this  production,  we  were  joined  by  a  very  young  dance troupe – “YOUNGST*RZ” choreographed by Carla Pooley. It was nice to catch up with Carla again, having watched her take on the role of Simba in our very first showing of The Lion King way back in 2011. The troupe – Sophia Collins, Mia Sutherland, Florence Pooley, Freya Collins and Viola Hawkins were sweet and very well behaved girls to have around. Thank you.

We  have  to  thank  our  well  organised  Front  of  House  Team  – Janet Race, June Critcher, Janet Kendal, Joanne Jackson and Anne Gill. With the introduction of separating the Raised seating tickets from the Stalls tickets, it was slightly worrying at times.

Noel  Gill  came  up  trumps  by  videoing  the  Saturday  night performance.  Thank  you  Noel,  for  doing  this  at  such  a  short notice.

Thank you to Mr Mick Jennings, the Jutsum family, Peter Oakes and Jenny for your generous donations. These help us to keep improving our production side of things, Head sets, Programmes, Props, Paints etc

As  no  photography  is  allowed  during  performances,  Ray Sparvell gave up his relaxing Sunday, to snap away at the Dress Rehearsal and what great photos they are Ray. Even if you had to  wrestle  with  the  dreaded  ‘red  light’  at  times!    As  they say “Memories are made of this”. Thank you Ray.

We are so lucky to have the magnificent Heacham Public Hall as our venue. Twice a year, Alan and Barry Rudd climb up the front of this building and fix our Advertising Banner over the front  door  and  also  take  it  down  after  the  productions.  Thank you both so much for your help. This is very much appreciated. Last but certainly not least, we, The Pocahontas Players, have to mention ‘you’ the audience. To turn out on, what was, a very cold January afternoon or evening to support us, we cannot thank you enough.

We  are  well  into  rehearsal  of  our  May  12th/13th  production  – ‘Who were you with last night?’. (For details of this, see this and next month’s Newsletter). The cast has been cast but Backstage Crew are always needed. Also, if you would like to be a sponsor by  having  an  advert  in  The  Programme,  please  contact  our Chairman Dave.

Thank you.
from The Pocahontas Players x